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Be ready for an unforgettable vacation!

Blue voyage is a perfect way to relax, take a rest and enjoy sea and sun. But that’s not even the half of it; blue voyage is also to observe natural beauties from the window of history and mythology and to witness the life of sailors.

You can charter a boat in Turkey for blue voyage and have a comfortable vacation. But you should also learn the philosophy behind it; blue voyage is about being slow. Before setting sail, you should leave all your worries and hurry behind you. What’s a blue voyage? Blue voyage is wind. Let the wind fill your sails and take you wherever it goes. Blue voyage is crystal clear sea water and swimming. And blue voyage is fish, Mediterranean greens and wine of course.

To feel the blue voyage with your entire hearth, you should learn the history of these lands. And you’ll have opportunity to do these. You’ll see many historical ruins and ancient cities during your blue voyage. You’ll witness the historical heritage of Turkish Riviera and Greek islands. Nature, mythology, history, delicious cuisine and many more pleasures await you in this voyage.

Boat in Turkey

Most amazing way of traveling

There are many alternatives for blue voyage. Boat charter Turkey is perfect for exploring the beautiful shores of Turkish Riviera. You can arrange a boat hire Turkey with the captain and crew. You can choose among our more than 500 yatchs. We offer different yatch options according to your budget and size of your group. If you organize as groups of at least 4 or 6 persons, you can live a perfect and unforgettable vacation experience. You can go on a blue voyage with your family or friends. You’ll just relax and sunbathe, do water sports, eat delicious food and drink and sometimes go ashore and discover historical ruins. Besides, if you’re interested in sailing, you can always chat with captain and crew and learn about the maritime and life of sailors.

Boat Rental in Turkey

Gulet is a uniqe comfort experience

Gulet is traditional Turkish Riviera boat. If you want to do a blue voyage with the comfort of a luxury hotel, you can arrange a boat rental Turkey and set sail with a beautiful gulet. If you don’t have a group big enough, you can hire cabin in the gulet and make new friendships on boat.

You can choose your gulet according to your budget, your expactations and size of your group.

Gulet yachts are very popular blue voyage yachts and they’re mostly builded at the shipyards of Marmaris, Bozburun. These boats vary in size from 14 to 45 meters and can accommodate 6 to 32 persons.

Boat Cruise in Turkey

History of blue voyages Turkey

In 1950s, Turkish intellectuals of the era, Azra Erhat, Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı (Fisherman of Halicarnassus), Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and Sebahattin Eyüboğlu sailed with fishermen’s boats from Bodrum and discovered southwestern Aegean’s pristine coves. These intellectuals wrote books on blue voyage. Azra Erhat’s “Blue Voyage” and Fisherman of Halicarnassus’ “Gods of Anatolia” are most important two of these books.

Boat Charter in Greece

Discover Greek islands with us!

Did you know that we provide blue voyages in Greek islands too?

There are thousands of islands and pristine coves in Aegean Sea and all of these islands and coves have beautiful sandy beaches that lay along thousands of kilometers. These features make Greek islands a very suitable location for yacht charter and blue voyage. Turquoise seas, green arborous shores and sunny skies; what else a tourist wants?

Aegean Sea is full of surprises and provides sunshine from April to October; blue voyage season is long and luxurious. Between June and August it’s high season but there are always quiet, unexplored, secluded places to discover, and wherever you go you can find a lifestyle very Mediterranean in flavor! In this area, sea temperatures are still warm enough for swimming at the end of October. July and August are hot and sun shines till 9.00 PM. Days are slow, you can spend all day sunbathing and swimming. Life begins after 9.00 PM, when the weather is cooler you can start having proverbial Mediterranean dinner. In Mediterranean lifestyle, nights are time to have deep conversations around a table while drinking and eating.

Another good reason to make a blue voyage around Greek islands is that there are just so many islands to choose from. Each island is unique in character, so you can have different experiences in each island. The islands will differ in climate, popularity, culture, history, sightseeing, beaches, and many other features. We provide yacht charter services and blue voyage packages to more than 16 different Greek islands. These islands are Rhodes, Symi, Santorini, Kos, Mykonos, Kalymnos, Patmos, Astipalea, Halki, Leros, Lipsi, Karpathos, Tilos, Crete, Nisyros and Samos. Each of these islands will mesmerize you with their beautiful nature and deep-rooted culture and history.

Discover Greek islands with our well planned, beautiful blue voyage routes.

Some Rules of marine life

Sources are limited on board and marine life requires some rules for safety and peace. Here are some rules you should respect for your own safety and comfort:
-Consume as little water as you can. Water depots of boats are limited.
-Don’t smoke inside closed areas of the boat or during strong wind on the deck.
-Don’t throw any objects into the toilets, including toilet paper.
-Do not jump into the sea before the motor of the boat stops. This is important.
- Weather can be cool in the evenings. You can bring some long sleeves with you.
-Don’t bring a big luggage. You won’t need so many clothes.
We can suggest you to put these objects into your luggages:
-Yacht Charter Agency offers blue voyage packages for 1 or 2 weeks generally. You can define the number of t-shirts and shorts you’ll bring, according to duration of your tour package.
-Long sleeves for cool evenings.
-2 pairs of rubber shoes, 2 pairs of slippers
-2 swimming suits, towels for sea water and tap water, shampoo, sunscreen, shaving utensils and other personal care objects
-Hat, sunglasses, camera and books

Food and Drinks on board


Turkish breakfast is one of the richest breakfast traditions in the world. Traditional Turkish breakfast includes local cheese varieties, fresh orange juice, olives, butter, honey, fruit jam, eggs, salami, sausage, tomatoes, cucumbers, pancake, coffee and tea.

Lunch and dinner

All of the meals you’ll have on the boat will be cooked from organic produces. Our cooks will provide you most delicious examples of Mediterranean cuisine during blue voyage. Vegetables cooked with olive oil, fish and other delicious seafood will be included in the menu. Unique Turkish wine will be served to you as well. You can also define menu by yourselves; you can add or exclude some food and beverages.

Who are we?

Our boat charter Turkey agency as '' Tengri Travel'' serve guests since 1986. We’re specialised in yacht charter and have different tour packages for blue voyage along the famous Turkish Riviera coast. We offer you a wide range of yachts, catamarans, motor yachts and traditional Turkish gulets with a fleet of more than 500 boats. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a couple or a family or a large group of friends; we’ll choose the right boat for you.  When you start a blue voyage, we guarantee it will be the start of a magical journey that you’ll never forget.

You’ll be pleased by the services of our friendly crew who are experienced seamen.  Our crew is multilingual, so language won't be a problem. As well as Turkish, our crew also speak English and Russian or some other foreign languages.

We can also arrange your hotel stays and airport transfers. boat charter agency is one of the most trustable and high quality agencies in Turkey to charter a boat.

Our blue cruise routes are perfectly designed. With our tour packages you can sail along Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye and Göcek and also see Antalya region and Greek islands.

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